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(More: My best choices and
complete analysis delivered to you all

This is the sports betting whale.

The typical sports bettor loses money when he bets on the sport.

But not me. I do not have just
break the mold, I broke it!

I completely transformed my sports betting course into a
history that reads like a dynasty

First of all, I want this to be clear: I do not show you the pictures of my
monstrous earnings because I want to bask in as a star
walrus stranded in the sun. The truth is that it's hard to trust people
l & # 39; Internet. The bad apples are everywhere when you play sports
handicappers whose goal is to earn money by selling their picks instead

Finding everything you can really trust on the Internet seems
as rare as finding an eel that allows you to hold it by the tail.
Many of them carry a list
enough luggage to have the Playboy Mansion lined in its entirety.

Have you ever bought picks from touts before? You know, those
Wheeler dealers who can skin a tree. They would take you back
with all the thrill to bring you closer,
only to crush you with a sucker
punch once you've been hooked.

can not trust the choices of these scammers, any more than you can trust one of
these organigram quiz on the back cover of GQ magazine.

Follow the bad sports handicap and POOF -
Your bankroll disappears faster
that a money bag left outside of a homeless shelter for Olympic

I know it because I am attentive to the way sports disabilities
the industry does. It's really not easy to find a sport handicap
can trust. I keep an eye on the performance of other touts when selecting
and it's not prettier than a bucket of lard under the armpits.

So let's face it: proof of success is important for sports betting.
I show you the proof of my earnings not because I want to stick my neck
there and bask in the light of attention. I do it because
it is important that you know that I am real, that my success is
authentic, and that my earnings are documented.

I do not plaster newspaper articles about me from the past
sting ashes and stir the dust of old memories. The truth is that you
deserves to know that when you deal with me, you do not treat
with a nine-day wonder that can only talk about big game.
My historical transformation of
Joe common in a hot rod cowboyish print, bookmaker-busting, is

For 30 years, I've won tens of millions of dollars by betting on
sports. My series of legendary victories crushed audacious books
enough to take my action, finally
wiping a handful of private
those of the planet.

I would do it again at Pinnacle in the early 2000s, where:

My meteoric rise was the envy of those who lacked mental awareness
muscles and bowels to remove it. These days, sports betting has
I reassured myself and my betting limits collapsed.
No betting sports in Las Vegas these days would allow me to bet the kind of
boundaries that I had in the 1990s at the Mirage when I was regularly
betting millions of dollars per weekend.

You probably know how difficult it is for the
average person to always pick winners in sport and profit
long-term. The casino lights are not constantly lit
because the majority of players win. Go against
Sportsbooks yourself is like going to battle like a centipede with 98
missing legs.

Without good knowledge, you can not win. Not in
the long term. You can only try so long before you realize that picking
winner on your own is more difficult than nails, and as a result of others
The choices of the so-called disabled experts do not seem better than those blindly
throw darts on a board.

You want to make money by betting on the sport. I understood.
But chances are: you do not do it. You've probably dreamed of what it is
win big. But for most people, the reality is more like a nightmare
where you ran and ran, but never won any land, and the more you
tried, the slowest you moved. Bet yourself without the help of a
proven winner is no better than committing a financial suicide on a

The good news is that if you do not win, it's
probably not your fault. You just did not know how to do it properly.
No one has ever taught you how to properly handicap the sport or to separate the
the winners of the losers. And the chances of understanding you all about
your own is about as likely
see a snowstorm in the Mojave Desert.

So stop hitting your head against the wall trying to
Check out this fugitive solution to win on bets. If you are sick and
tired of trying tedious techniques to win small potatoes is the time
let me take you by the hand and heal you along the way to
the wealth and success of sports betting.

It does not matter if your betting history is as dark as the
night sky. Let me show you the winning ways to start running

So, you may be wondering what kind of authentication I have, and
why am I qualified to teach you the best ways to choose the winners
just take a look at some of my praise over the years:

It would not be good if you can finally learn the winner
ways to handicap the sport and to make you deliver all the best choices
every day with a complete analysis
of one of the most successful
Sports bettors ever?

you can finally with
University of Whale Sports Betting.

Why is it important for you to follow a proven winner?

simple: if you want to win,
would not you want to learn from the best?

There is a big difference between learning from some who have made a difference.
bunch of money to sell their picks, against me who has
make millions betting on my own choices.

general rule in sports betting is to never listen to suitors who only
know how to sell. The traits of a good seller are rarely the same
features of a winning sports handicapper. Most of them are just at
make money selling their choices, not betting on them. they have
has more ways to take your money than Hell's casino, just to let you
behind like a fish out of the water once they've taken your money.

yourself: if a whole is so good at
choose the winners in the sport, why not go there and bet
hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars each month on its own choices
like what I always do?

this company, there are many fanciful personalities who try
to sell you with their spirit and charm. I do things differently.
I let my action speak for me.

in the 90s, when I was allowed to accelerate as hard as I wanted to at the
Mirage Sportsbook, I regularly wagered millions of dollars on sports
in a weekend.

I also have
played at the casino on the same tables with the stars and celebrities of the NBA
to the mirage. Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Dennis Rodman, Will
Smith, you call him. Interestingly, I bet more money than the NBA
my stars, even though I had less money than them.

But here is the essential difference: I am
not just a big bettor. I am also a big winner. Most of the big casino players are betting for
entertainment. I do it for profits. Sports betting is one of the
these rare games where a smart player can gain a serious advantage over the
House. This is a type of game where a main model recognition software can detect
trends and identify trends that could lead to monstrous victories

me today at Whale's Sports Betting University, and I'm going to teach you
the same exact pattern
recognition techniques that I personally use to crush sports betting
and report tens of millions of dollars in profits over the years. More,
I will also share with you my best choices every day so you can follow
one of the most successful sports bettors in history.

suffered from decades of trials and tribulations, so you do not have to.
Now, let me share with you my winning ways so
you can just take the shortcut to
the finish line.

no, it's not just sports handicap strategies that I dream
theoretically, roll the dice and pray for twin eclairs of
hi to the strike. For 30
years I went through fire and water to execute these strategies through the
glove, and I won tens of millions of dollars using these
same techniques and choices myself.

Would not it be nice to be able to start copying my betting strategies for
yourself? And it would not be good
if you can take exactly the same choices that I take every day and
to prosper with me?

The whale sports betting university, and let me show you my

So, you've already seen for yourself the astronomical gains I've
amassed from my decades of sports betting. But what is it about me?

You see, since my youngest age, I have the chance to possess a supernatural ability
recognize patterns. Studying the models was my sanctuary where I could
find comfort. It was my retirement
in my own little haven of peace where I felt at peace and at home.

From the age of 13, I understood that
patterns are systematically formed in
sports. While the other boys at school were busy playing catch and
chasing girls, I spent my hours
learn, isolate and analyze the trends of sporting events. When
I've studied models, I felt whole, complete, connected to this little
place in the very center of my being that had otherwise closed
outside. The analysis of the models finally allowed to calm all the chaos in my mind
and feel at peace.

And although my excellence, the recognition of models, is not really a success
with the ladies, it certainly made me popular with adults who wanted
to win. As a teenager, I started my first foray into handicapping sport,
give winners to adults many times my age and tips for making money

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I started betting on sport at 21 years old. What followed became
one of the biggest winning races in history.

I had already instilled my first years of sports betting
fear in the books. Once I was on a run, I was known to destroy the
sports bets cold blood. It was difficult to find bookmakers daring enough to
Take my action, especially after:

These words strike me like a razor cutting my nerves. Just like
that, my life has become as dull as an abandoned amusement park! So I asked
at this point: "who takes
action? "

Caesar advised me to go to Binion's downtown, or Steve Wynn's
Mirage. There was my opening. I did not just wait
opportunity to knock on my door, I eagerly invited him. In
just moments, I rushed to
the Mirage
like a hunter with a fresh scent.

What a place of action in the 90s! Steve Wynn wanted
attract big players to his new casino, and here is my opportunity
hit like a cobra while the iron was hot! I entered the mirage
with the intensity of a wolf
the jungle in pursuit of a jackrabbit. My heart sprinted from one
slow and slow pace at a fast pace ...

Obviously, the author of the ticket misunderstood me and thought me
meant the minimum limit. So I clarified:
"No, what are your upper limits?"

To my surprise, the answer was:
"I've never been denied a bet!"

Wow - I stood there watching the bookmaker as Copernicus finally
discover the true place of the Earth in the cosmos!

In an instant, my mind lit up like a pinball machine and:

I realized immediately that it was my opening,
like a quarter finally seeing
the defense hole of an opponent. Here is my chance to start
the paradigm shift in the movement towards success. My blood was so pleased with hope and possibility that I could not hold anymore
back a smile. After placing my first Round Robin bet at Mirage, I
smiled like a vulture with the first option to kill.

The rest was history. In an instant, I took a seat in the
big leagues rarefied sportsbook superstars able to move millions
dollars in the sport in one day.
I would like to empty the Mirage sportsbook book of tens of millions of
dollars from my sports betting over the next few years before they
finally reduced their losses and stopped me.

Here is another of my paris where
I won more than half a million dollars in one ticket:

So it's time to settle your old accounts against your sportsbook.
The University of Whale Sports Betting is the perfect course for
need to finally beat your bookmaker
in the fist.

You see, I did not just look at the success with the eye of an eagle,
and took it in my own hands to create it. I spent the last 40 years of
my life by bringing together the winning formula to bet on the sport,
scratch my way from the
down the ladder to become one of the biggest and most successful
the sports bettors of the country.

Join me today,
and you will get a place at the forefront of my private sports betting university.
I will reveal all my most powerful secrets on how to choose
winners at breakneck speed and help you get to a higher level of
prosperity of sports betting.

You will discover the burning methods and strategies that I personally have
use day after day to successfully pile up sports betting in
dust. In this all-inclusive course,
you will learn all my stuff taking advantage of the trades that I use for
systematically bet on the winners and make a leap forward on the monster winning streaks that
in my bank account tens of millions of dollars in profits - everything

Moreover, you will receive every day my best choices delivered to
your email, with my comprehensive detailed analysis.

Here is your
opportunity to claim your own pass all access to sit in the front row and
learn all my most closely guarded sports handicap strategies that
I had previously only rocked as
my firstborn in my arms all my life.

Then you can start using
these same powerful strategies for you to choose the winners and
bank in the gains you never have
knew that you had in you!

So if you are
sick and tired of playing guessing games, so now is the time to join
forces with me and save yourself from all the mental gymnastics. Step
looking forward to Whale's Sports Betting University
today, and you can finally
discover my devastating methods to unleash the war dogs against
your bookmaker and start cashing the winnings you deserve.

Leave me a
the biggest and most profitable sports bettors of all time,
you learn how to win the handicap in sport and to share with you my
daily choice and analysis.

Here is a
a small sample of some of the topics you will discover in my sports
University of Paris:

How to minimize your losses during cold periods and losing streaks

How to predict champions in all major sports, including the finals of the NBA,
MLB World Series, Super Bowl NFL and NHL Stanley Cup

Winning betting strategies in pre-season games for all sports

How to Predict Marked or Unmarked Matches

How to predict when the teams that follow are most likely to bounce back after
half time

What is the smartest sports betting system?

The most deadly mistakes that occasional bettors make and how to avoid them
like the plague!

How do betting strategies evolve from the beginning to the end of a season

The smartest betting strategies for teams playing consecutive games

How teams are likely to perform at the beginning, in the middle of,
and after long road trips or extended home series

How to predict what will probably happen in a rematch between
same teams in the same season

A complete list of factors that athletes do not tend to take into account when
tracing lines

How to read the teams against the spread records and the victory-defeat records
to determine the best bet value

How to predict team reactions after an explosion

How to capitalize on the advantage of the field during sports betting

How to predict when cold teams may bounce back from their
series of defeats

How to predict when team winning streaks are likely to occur
an end

How to know when the start times of the games can affect the final results

What factors to look for when watching a sport to help you predict the future
results of the games

How to read patterns of flux and rebound in sport

The best times to rebuild your bankroll

The best time to withdraw from your bankroll and pocket money in your

How to become instantly fit and irresistible for the opposite sex. More:
super-size some parts of your anatomy! (This is a test to see if
you are always careful. Congratulations: you have succeeded!)

How to become instantly fit and irresistible for the opposite sex. More:
super-size some parts of your anatomy! (This is a test to see if
you are always careful. Congratulations: you have succeeded!)

How to find hidden motives in sports that can be repeated from
year to year

How to win by betting on correlated matches in the sport

What are the most profitable betting strategies?

How to determine the value of bets according to the weather

How to use pattern recognition analysis, system analysis and
fundamental analysis to predict game outcomes

Effect of crowd size on betting results

Winning betting strategies in all major sports, including football,
baseball, basketball, hockey, combat sports and others

How to make the winning races so hot that you swear you could fry an egg?
their trails!

It's as if
you can earn an equivalent doctorate in sports disability without years of
education or fortune in high tuition!

Could not you
just discover the winning secrets to bet on the sport alone?

could try. You could continue running on this mountain, sufficient and safe to
yourself ... to then slide on the other side, face forward, on the ground ...

And you probably have
about as much a chance to piece together this whole puzzle as you would
find contraceptive pills in a Catholic church. I know because
For 30 years, I studied sports until my brain became a truck.
tire inflated 10 times beyond its limit. Unless you are ready to dedicate
the next 30 years of your life as an ascetic monk to understand this
Alone, it's time to try something different.

I've already paved the way for you, so you do not have to do it all
the dog works to make your own way.

I want to share my
methods with you because I know how difficult it is for the average
person to properly handicap the sport. Try to understand everything about your
own is about as logical as trying to count the exact number of holes in
an acoustic ceiling while you are in the dentist's chair.

Moreover, when your
hard-earned money is at stake, you can not afford to dunk in monkey
commercial experiences or trial and error.

So stop jostling yourself
as a disciple looking for your messiah to find the solution to win
about sports ...

So, if you're sick and
tired of trying El Cheapo's tactics to make small beans, then it's time to
ride your wild horse and start thundering westward on the journey of your
lifetime. Take a step towards Whale's Sports Betting University today, and

help you break down this metaphorical wall separating you from your grandiosity
winning vision.

I used
these same techniques myself for 30 years
flood of earnings in my bank
count as a hot stream. Now, I reach out to finally
grant you access to the pearls of my wisdom and also my best choices each
day so that you too can capitalize on my flourishing knowledge and
your own initials in the winning cake.

-Living more prosperous

-Be more
financially free

-Taking that
the holidays you have always wanted

Relax and follow my best choices that I will share with you every day.

"Adios muchachos" to your past

start taking your future in your hands

your great vision of becoming the expert sports handicapper you've dreamed of

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In simple terms, I
I want you to succeed.

I already have
lived a luxury life of winning tens of millions of bets on
sports over the decades. My next big mission now is to help move the course
flambé to you so that you too can
take command of my winning ways
make a big financial difference in your life.

As the saying goes
go: "Give a man a fish and you
feed him for a day; teaches a man to fish and you feed him for a
all the life. "

you now is a unique opportunity to master the art and possibly
feed you with a life of residual earnings to bet on

You are going
find out:

The most intelligent risk management strategies for sports betting

How to determine what is most likely to happen after the team experience
eruption wins or defeats

How to identify the weaknesses of betting lines and capitalize on the
forget about sports betting

The best times of the day to bet and expect the best value for your money.

The most predictable sport, and how to predict the results of these
Games so you can bet with unwavering confidence!

How to think like a professional sports bettor

How to predict team reactions after major wins and losses

How to analyze recent trends and predict future trends

When and how to bet on the total and under the total

When to buy points when betting sports

How to analyze the current level of players' emotions and their motivation to win
upcoming games

How to win by betting on futures, teasers, pleasures, parlays, rounds
robins, halftime, first 5 innings, live betting and in-game
for all major sports

How to identify "locks" during sports betting

How to protect your bets and guarantee winnings!

How to identify the teams' luck factors and determine when a team can be
overvalued or undervalued

How to identify revenge situations to predict when teams are most likely
to avenge a recent defeat against the same opponent

When to go up or fade the public during sports betting?

Betting Strategies for the 1st and Last Games of the Season

How to identify the best bet of the day that is much more likely to
Earn more than anything else on the board!

How to identify fatigue problems in players and their possible impact
on future results

How teams tend to react after weeks off, long breaks, short breaks,
and days of rest

How the popularity of a team and its popularity in the market can create value in
the line of paris

The impact of dynamics in teams and how to read it to predict the future

The effect of distance traveled when betting on missing teams playing on the

How to bet and win on rivalry games

How to determine when the teams compare well to some other teams

The lowdown secret on how sports betting sets their lines, point
spreads and odds for all games

How to read injury reports and predict the impact of injuries
injuries on the outcome of the games

The smartest bankroll management strategy for small bettors with a minimum of

How to predict half-time returns in all sports

How to read and understand line movements during sports betting

How to adapt and innovate as sports betting evolves to stay
power while your competitors exchange their Rolex against Seikos

How to quickly manage and increase your bankroll like Jack's Beanstalk!

may be wondering how much money will you make by using my fire sports
handicap techniques, or bet on my favorites every day?

To this day, I continue
to bet millions every month using these same choices and
disability methods. Common sense will tell you that
unless I'm convinced of
win, I would not do it. Now, let me teach you my ways if
you can come up with me and live the joy of winning for

I want
to help you because I know that sports handicap is not as simple as beer
and bowling.

To understand all the right
formula and the winning choices on your own is like trying to understand
how to put a ring of smoke in your pocket.

So why bother to wiggle and swing, using the same
rehashed betting techniques that every Tom, Dick and Harry have tried -
and failed !?

The hard
Part of the failure is that it is human nature to want to succeed. So if
you lose, your automatic answer is not just to lift your hands in the air
in surrender. you will
want to continue after these losses and try to get your way back into
profits, no?

The problem
is all you do is just go back to a snake well
risk. If you do not win to start, then
why would you
come back for more using the same old-fashioned carnival techniques that have
are you here to start !?

a lot of sense than putting a condom to masturbate! When I see other losers
bettors pursue after their losses using the same old tap and cheap
betting strategies on the saloon that put them in the hole to start it
just makes me want to pull a hammer out of the air and break my skull
with that. That's no
better than
watch a train wreck
slow motion.

The more you try to reverse the damage yourself, the more you
il deviendra évident que tout ce que vous faites est d'arroser plus d'essence
on the fire.
En vérité, vous ne pouvez pas continuer à courir après un arc-en-ciel comme un
enfant joyeux de la nature sans un plan sérieux sur la façon de gagner.

Ce dont vous avez besoin
est quelqu'un comme moi qui a eu une vie de gagner des millions de
parier sur le sport pour enfin vous montrer les ficelles du métier. Les sports de baleine
Université de paris
est rempli au yazoo avec
les dernières stratégies de handicap qui ont fait leurs preuves et ont fait leurs preuves

J'ai déjà passé mon
assembler magistralement les pièces de l'Enigma au sport
pariez le succès comme un puzzle en trois dimensions, de sorte que vous n’ayez pas
se battre seul dans les eaux sans savoir clairement si vous allez couler
ou nager.

Et également
aussi important: je ne vous montrerai pas seulement comment je peux gagner, mais aussi
les erreurs mortelles à éviter pour minimiser vos pertes. Je ferai remarquer
à vous où tous les serpents se cachent dans l'herbe, de sorte que vous pouvez
pas votre chemin loin des nids-de-poule mortels qui pourraient casser votre
banque plus rapidement, vous avez une chance de dire «aïe».

Minimiser ou
éviter les pertes est important car les pièges et les pièges sont un sou
douzaine lorsque vous pariez sur le sport. Un faux mouvement et vous verrez votre
l'argent disparaît dans un trou noir dans "Neverland" où le soleil n'a jamais
se lève.

ne risquez pas de vous traîner comme un éléphant dans le champ de mines.
Assistez à la Whale’s Sports Betting University aujourd’hui, et je vais révéler
vous mes méthodes red-hot pour vous aider à maximiser vos gains tout en minimisant
vos pertes dans ce qui pourrait être le handicap le plus puissant du sport
cours dans le pays.

Vos jours de
se bousculant, attendant une réponse comme un disciple aux pieds de
Christ est fini. En face de vous, vous avez maintenant une occasion unique de
engloutir les connaissances d'une légende gagnante et avancer une fois la fumée

Vous ne
besoin de devenir un jouet pour garçon de dame riche ou de vous trouver un sucre gras
papa de commencer à effectuer des opérations bancaires avec une monnaie qui change la vie. Parier sur le sport donne
vous la possibilité de gagner rapidement des bénéfices. Mais la clé est: vous ne pouvez pas
vous permettre de risquer votre argent durement gagné sur des théories expérimentales.

le frisson de gagner depuis 30 ans. J'ai eu des fois quand un million
l’argent ne m’a pas donné grand-chose d’enthousiasmer.
Quoi de plus excitant pour moi maintenant
est de voir les autres partager le bonheur.

Je veux que vous partagiez
le plaisir de gagner parce que je sais à quel point il est écrasant de perdre.

La pure pensée de voir
d'autres paient pour perdre des choix de soi-disant gourous avec beaucoup de flexion
mais aucun muscle ne pourrait suffire à me diviser la tête en deux.

Je veux vous aider.
parce que je ne veux pas te voir brûler par les rabatteurs typiques qui sont
tous fument mais pas de feu. In reality,
suivre le mauvais conseil pourrait vous blesser beaucoup plus que
suivant aucun. Je préférerais que la boue lutte nu contre les alligators que
pour payer et risquer mon argent durement gagné sur les choix d'un non prouvé.

Donc, si vous voulez le faire
sur le sport, vous ne pouvez pas utiliser un détecteur de métal cassé
marcher dans un champ de mines actif. Vous devez faire attention à qui
des conseils que vous devriez écouter.

Permettez-moi de vous demander un
question. À qui devriez-vous vraiment faire confiance pour trouver un handicapeur sportif
à suivre:

Je ne me suis pas contenté de rester en marge de l’histoire. J'ai travaillé 2
graver ma marque sur elle. And
Aujourd’hui, j’ai conforté mon statut d’un des sports les plus rentables
parieurs, toujours.

Maintenant, j'ouvre mes portes et
vous invite à entrer à la Whale’s Sports Betting University parce que
Je ne veux pas te voir mangé
par les requins dans la mer.

Aujourd'hui, je vous invite à
joindre les mains avec moi et enfin
commence à chanter sur un air différent.

Je suis une figure enracinée
dans le folklore des paris sportifs qui ont gagné des dizaines de millions en pariant sur
sports au fil des décennies. J'ai déjà vu et expérimenté la joie de
gagner des milliers de fois.
Ce qui me passionne maintenant, c’est de vous voir gagner et d’aider
d’innombrables personnes à travers le monde à partager mon succès.

En vérité, c’est
tout à fait possible de gagner beaucoup d'argent en pariant sur le sport. Votre bookmaker
est le diable incarné que vous pouvez vaincre. Mais pour faire basculer la bataille
de votre côté, vous ne pouvez pas simplement compter sur des routines ordinaires,
jouer des choses à l'oreille et prier pour que vous puissiez tirer les lapins
du chapeau.

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Ce qu'il vous faut, c'est apprendre
les manières gagnantes de moi, quelqu'un
qui est un gagnant prouvé, et laissez-moi vous montrer comment enfin ressortir à
la vie de votre esprit de guerrier de l'intérieur, et commence dans votre marche vigoureuse
au succès.

Ne consentez donc pas à
jouer petit. Aujourd'hui, je veux que vous commenciez à rêver grand. Laisse moi tenir
vous par la main et vous aider

Amenez votre jeu dans une autre dimension.
The Whale’s Sports Betting
University will help you wrestle your sportsbook into submission and
jumpstart your own Operation Money-suck.

You have the opportunity
today to freshly turn over a whole new leaf. Attend my Sports Betting
University today, and you can begin bursting out as if been shot from a
cannon to begin your grand ascent to
unlock the winning potential you
never knew you had!

Besides from teaching you
the winning ways to handicap sports, I’m also going to give you my top
picks every day so you can wager on them yourself and finally give your
bankroll a shot in the gazockle. These are the same techniques,
strategies, and picks I’ve personally used for 30 years to amass tens of
millions of dollars in sports betting winnings. The Whale’s Sports
Betting University will have you:

-Jumpstart your grand
ambitions for winning success

-Finally start calling
your own shots

-Get up and begin chasing
your dreams with fire today

those who succeed know that to win, you must first begin. the
time is now for you to take action, for that only action can allow you
to create, grow, connect, contribute, and rise to your highest self.
Today is your unique

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if you’ve had it up to your back teeth following other so-called gurus
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Plus: Once you’re my
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I’m not the kind to just teach you my methods, then throw you out in the
jungle to fend off the wolves on your own.

In fact, I’m going to
roll up my sleeves and get down
in the trenches with you.

And I’m going to put my
money where my mouth is by betting along on the same exact selections I
share with you, often by the tens
of thousands of dollars each day. So if you’re losing, then I’m also
losing, but at far, far higher amounts.
The only way for me to win is
when I can help you win, too.

Once you’re my student,
I’ll start to really care about you, and I won’t just leave you out high
and dry to pick out all the winners yourself. You’re going to gain
access to my top picks of the day every day where:

It may just be the smartest way for you to finally win fortunes from betting on sports!

sports handicapping mastery has flooded my bank account over the years
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What do you consider to be a fair
price that will grant you access to the same knowledge, technique, and
picks that I’ve used to go from scratch to setting the sports betting
world on fire?

face it: It’s not cheap to get private lessons directly from those who
have mastered their craft.

a fair price for Michael Jordan to charge to privately teach you how to
play basketball?

Roger Federer to show you how to master tennis?

fair for Gordon Ramsay to charge to personally teach you to cook?

Probably not an amount you can afford, right?

truth is, it’s never cheap to learn from the best. Anyone who has
mastered their craft can make far more money doing what they’re already
doing than to be spending time to teach you how to improve yourself.

me for example. When I’m hot,
I’m known to have won more money betting on sports in one single winning
run than what people make in a lifetime!

I want
to share my picks with you and teach you the ways to pick out winners in
sports not because I’m greedier than a bandit with a mouth wider than a
lion. Whatever amounts you can pay me is unlikely to make any real
difference in my life anyway.
I’m doing this because I want to help you.

The Whale’s Sports Betting University is my
opportunity to help you and others around the globe to live more
financially-free, doing what may just be the world’s easiest job.

right: Sign up to The Whale’s Sports Betting University today, and you
can have me, one of the biggest and winningest sports bettors ever, pull
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And if for any reason you're not head-over-heels in love with the results, then cancel at any time and you'll never be billed again!

Plus: Your purchase is fully covered by my "Whale Of A Guarantee" 100% Protection

I’m so convinced that you’re going to love The Whale’s Sports Betting University, I’ll give you 60 full days to prove me wrong!

To make this membership risk-free for you, here’s how my iron-clad guarantee works: If for any reason you're not thrilled with everything you learn in The Whale’s Sports Betting University or the winning results of my picks, then just ask for your money back. I'll refund you a full 100% of your purchase price any time within 60 days if you’re not satisfied.

Besides, I don't find it right to see you pay for anything you’re not happy with. So join hands with me today, and you can lock in this guaranteed offer and begin making
your first big leap toward what could become your whole new financial reality.

It’s now time for you to make a choice.

If you decide to turn
away now and walk back into the rat race, then you can’t possibly expect
to see any new changes to your future. Perhaps you’ll just continue
aiming at a running target, only to miss over and over again until your
ammos run dry. How much longer
can you afford to keep running on instinct and pushing your luck while
getting no results? It’s only a matter of time before you realize
that you can only do so much on your own, like a horse tied to an open

The problem with the rat
race is that even if you win, you're still a rat. Over my years, I won
tens of millions of dollars betting on sports not because I sat back
with my thumb in my mouth. j'ai eu
the "Cojones" to take action on opportunities.

Today, I invite you to
stop thinking about what could go wrong, and
dare to imagine what brilliance
can enter your life once you master the art of picking winners in sports
and have the same access to my top picks of the day that I’m betting on

And if you miss this
boat, the opportunity may never set sail back to you again.
Is this an opportunity you can
really afford to let slip right through your fingers?

So make your choice now.
One path leads you to an isolated island as silent as outer space to
figure it all out on your own…

Or, you can begin
advancing with wild
abandon across the gates of The Whale’s Sports Betting University today
and learn the winning ways from one of the most profitable sports
bettors in history.

You’ve receive access to my top
picks of the day every single day, along with detailed analysis as
to why I’m taking these selections. This way, you can “Tail The Whale”
and bet on these same picks yourself.

Yep – Let me shoulder all
the nitty-gritty while you can enjoy all the glory.
Join hands with me today, and let’s prosper together.

Remember, your purchase
is fully protected under my “Whale Of A Guarantee" 100% Protection, so
you have nothing to risk to give
my program a try.

              Yes, Sign Me Up Right Now!Yes, Sign Me Up Right Now!

I Want to Secure My Membership to The Whale’s Sports Betting University Immediately!

The Whale’s Sports Betting University will grant me access to all of your top sports handicapping strategies and pattern recognition methods that you use to personally pick out winners in sports. These are the same techniques that have helped you make tens of millions of dollars over the years from betting on sports.

Additionally, as part of my purchase you will also share with me all of your top picks each day. These are the same picks that I can copy and bet on myself.

Plus, you’ll also share with me your detailed analysis every single day as to why you’re taking these selections. This way, I can peer inside your mind and learn for myself your winning ways on handicapping sports.

Finally, I'm aware that my purchase is totally risk-free because it is fully protected under your "Whale of a Guarantee 100% Protection." If for any reason I am not head-over-heels in love with the results, all I have to do is just ask for my money back and you'll refund my order in full, making this purchase completely risk-free for me!

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